Teeth Whitening

Best DIY Methods for Teeth Whitening

Many people want whiter teeth because they want to have bright, beautiful smiles. Most of the time, many would go to the dentist in order to get whiter teeth that are done by a professional. Dentists can speed things up when it comes to teeth whitening. However, this might not be a great option since a visit to the dentist is expensive.

Going to the dentists for teeth whitening can be very costly and time-consuming. You might need to wait on a long queue in the dental office especially if don't have any schedule. You will spend a lot in terms of professional fees especially if you are not an acquaintance of the dentist.

The good news is that you can do teeth whitening in the comforts of your own home. Here are some of the best machines for teeth whitening that you can purchase today.

Cali Teeth Whitening Kit

This kit is a very affordable choice for people who want whiter teeth in 7 days. This kit claims that you can have teeth that are 8x brighter and whiter than your current ones. The gel that whitens the teeth is very safe to use. The gel in the kit is made of high-quality materials. You might want to wear a mouth guard before applying the gel to your teeth. The mouth guard is only needed for a few minutes each day. The product has a built-in timer and the mouth guard comes in all sizes. The different sizes can mean that the mouth guards can fit into your mouth and you can really get comfortable with them in no time.

The gel is applied through a syringe in order to avoid spills. The Cali Kit is perfect for people who have sensitive teeth. It is clinically proven to be gentle and it's gluten-free. The item is available on Amazon for just $35.

Active Wow Premium Teeth Whitening Kit

If you want to have a premium experience in terms of teeth whitening, then Active Wow may be the product that you are looking for. The kit contains several gel syringes for convenience. Trays are included in the kit to hold the gel together. The tray molds into your teeth structure. You can leave it there for a few minutes until your mouth gets comfortable with the tray. There are also extra trays in case you need another one. Active Wow is available on Amazon here.

CrestW3D White

The Crest uses the unique features of blue light to whiten the teeth. This is similar to the tools used by dentists with the added benefit of the blue light technology. You will get faster results with Crest 3D White Strips. You can get the results in as early as after the first treatment. The effect is long lasting and you can get the product on Amazon by clicking this link.

AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Kit

This product is user-friendly and safe. The whitening kit produces professional results and it is gluten-free. Preloaded syringes are available inside the kit. The gel does not trigger teeth sensitivity so you can get comfortable in using the product. The mouthpiece can be molded easily on the teeth. This product is available on Amazon through this link.

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