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Blog/News - DeltaCare USA is that dental plan

DeltaCare USA is that dental plan which offers you and your family excellent dental healthcare at reasonable cost. Delta Dental Insurance is the company responsible for the provision of this plan and the sole aim is to get people to uphold proper dental health by getting them to perform regular checkups with the dentist. This is done by asking you to pick a contract dentist from the extensively built network of dentists who have been guaranteed to provide quality service. It's this dentist who will render the dental services to you and your family.

The benefits of Using DentalCare USA

There are numerous benefits that come with enrolling with DentalCare USA. These can generally be classified according to the following parts:


The quality of this dental plan is of broad benefits to you and your family. One of these benefits is that there is a stable collection of dentists who you can form relationships with without fear of it being cut off over time.

Also, pre-existing health conditions do not deny or limit your benefits. Once you sign up for this plan, you're covered.

Predictable costs

All the necessary expenses are usually predictable. After enrollment, you won't need to make extra payments (deductibles) to enjoy the dental plan. And even payment for services that aren't covered in the enrollment fee are well defined and spelt out. For example, for dental emergency coverage outside the locale, the fee is about $100 per emergency.

There is also no yearly or lifetime limit to what can be spent on your covered benefits.


In order to foster a solid relationship with customers, the customer-care lines are toll free and available between 8 am and 9 pm, Eastern time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it difficult to enroll for the plan?

The enrollment process is very easy to complete. Follow the guidelines of your benefits administrator and select a dentist from the list of dental facilities to service you and your family

Who can enroll?

You and your family can enroll for the DeltaCare USA program as long as you meet your group's acceptable prerequisites. The benefits administrator can be contacted for any enrollment enquiries.

Are there arrangements for emergency care?

You and your family will be qualified to get the payment of $100 for out-of-area emergency dental treatments for each person under this dental plan. This covers for 35 or more miles from your contract dentist.

I want to whiten my teeth. Can it be done under the DeltaCare USA program?

Yes, teeth whitening is covered in the program. The "Description of Benefits and Copayments" contains details about all your options.

How does the DeltaCare program work?

Upon enrollment, you will get an identification card and a certificate of coverage which indicates the benefits you are entitled to in the program. There are several free services covered in the program while there are some others which require you pay your contract dentist. All your attached benefits are indicated in the "Description of Benefits and Copayments".

All your dental care will be treated by your contract dentist except for referral cases which he would be the one to perform.

What If I want to change my contract dentist?

To change your contract dentist, you can inform us via writing or phone or visit us at Please note that for contacts made towards the end of the month, the change will take effect from the next month.

What is the time duration to wait to get an appointment with a DeltaCare USA dentist?

Many of our listed contract dentists offer private group practice. This makes them more available for appointments. Reasonably, two to four weeks is the average time to wait for the normal appointment. Except you want a particular time in which case you will have to wait for a longer time.

I have tooth-colored fillings and crowns, does the program cover it?

Yes, tooth-colored filings and other such materials are covered as part of the DeltaCare USA program.

Does DeltaCare USA program encourage preventive care?

Consistent visit to the dentist is one of our top goals. And we encourage this by removing copayments from most of our preventive and diagnostic benefits.

The list of DeltaCare USA dentists does not include my dentist who is also a Delta Dental Dentist. Can I keep getting treatments from him/her?

Not all Delta Dental dentists are DeltaCare USA dentists. Your treatment must be from your designated DeltaCare USA contract dentist.

Must my family and I be treated by the same contract dentist?

Not compulsorily. You may jointly pick a maximum of three (3) contract dentist.

Are specialists' services covered by the DeltaCare USA program?

In a situation where there are needs for dental- based surgeries, your contract dentist is responsible for contacting a sanctioned contract specialist. There are no benefits though if the contract specialist is not in your service area.

What about pre-existing dental circumstances and work-in-progress?

Pre-existing dental conditions are conditions are covered by the program with the exception of dental treatments which began before joining the program (work in progress). Please check "Limitations and Exclusions of Benefits" for all the exemptions.

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