Health Insurance Market Dental Coverage

Dental coverage can be gotten in two ways in the Health Insurance Market. They include:

  •  Dental coverage with a health plan
  •  Separate dental plan (Stand-alone)


This plan is part of some market place health plans, the ones that include dental coverage can be noted through comparing the plans.

Usually, when a health plan includes dental also, the premium will take care of both the dental and health coverage.


Sometimes, stand-alone plans are offered, you can see these plans while shopping for available options in the marketplace. You can also take this option if you need a different dental insurance.

If this separate dental plan is your choice, then you will have to pay an additional premium fee, apart from the health plan fee. You can cancel this insurance plan anytime; you can do this by simply not paying for the dental insurance premium. It will bring your dental coverage to an end.


In the marketplace, there are two known kinds of dental plans. They are categorized into the high and low coverage levels

  •  The low coverage dental plan is characterized by lower premiums and higher copayments with deductibles. While using this plan, you will pay lesser amount every month and more a lot more when dental services are used.
  •  The high coverage dental plan offers higher premiums and lower copayments with deductibles. This plan will require you to pay more every month and you will pay a lesser amount when you make use of dental services.

Details pertaining to each plan's cost, copayments, deductibles and services that were covered can be found while comparing the dental plans that are seen in the Marketplace.


The dental insurance of children eighteen and lower and adults are treated differently, as specified under the Health Care Law.

  •  First of all, it is important to note that dental insurance is not a compulsory health benefit for those from the age of twenty one upwards (adults). The insurance companies are under no obligation whatsoever to offer the adults any dental insurance. Adults choose to have dental plan added to their insurance from here.
  •  For children however, it is highly IMPORTANT to get dental insurance as a health benefit. This simply means that their health insurance comes hand in hand with their dental coverage. This plan must be chosen for your child either as part of his/her health coverage or as a stand-alone plan. You should also realize that while it is important to add a dental plan for your child, you do not have to PAY for it.
    Also if you already chose Marketplace plan, you will not be allowed to include a dental coverage. You would simply have to wait for the next time or open enrollment period in order to change your health plan from marketplace plan to another that will include a dental insurance or you can enroll for a stand-alone dental plan.


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