Facial Aesthetic Design Smile Makeover

Many people seeking dental advice and care are also looking to improve the appearance of their faces.  Most of the perspectives on facial aesthetics occur on the lower one third of the face. Improving the appearance of the lover face can help with the denture and the soft tissues in the face. A Facial Aesthetic Design smile makeover will do the trick.

This procedure focuses on the wrinkles that can form around the upper lip by manipulating the patient’s teeth width and size. Injections such as Botox, Dysport, Juvederm and Restylane can also help a patient improve the look of her face. Patients have the option of improving the appearance of the face with surgical or non-surgical procedures. Sometimes it takes more than one surgical procedure to improve a patient’s facial appearance. The goal is the same; a renewed, youthful appearance on the patient’s face.

Surgery can restore facial symmetry with targeted steps, restructuring the face and altering the skin. Non-surgical methods treat localized facial problems such as wrinkles or scars by going in deep into the skin. Facial rejuvenation surgeries include the brow lift, eye lift, facelift, chin lift and neck lift.

Non-surgical options for improving the face include chemical peels, dermal fillers, photo rejuvenation, radio frequency and ultrasound. Cosmetic dentistry can make a patient look 10 years younger by reducing the appearance of wrinkles, making the lips plumper and improving the smile. Cosmetic dentistry is safe, efficient and does not require surgery.

First custom veneers are designed to match the color size and shape of the patient’s natural teeth. A Facial Aesthetic Design smile makeover is done in just one day. The quickness of this procedure offers the patient instant gratification. The Facial Aesthetic Design smile makeover is also pain free. No scalpel, no incisions and no general anesthesia.

The patient will not feel any discomfort after the Facial Aesthetic Design smile makeover is done. This is done by adjusting the facial appearance from the inside out. The upper portions of the veneers get enlarged to reduce the appearance of laugh lines. The facial area on top of the veneer gets pushed out. This will smooth out any upper lip wrinkles and increasing the lips’ fullness and poutiness.

Veneers are also stretched out to create the appearance of younger teeth. The mouth will appear fuller and wrinkles will diminish because the lower lip will be pushed out. Putting a white, natural looking veneer over a stained tooth will also make the patient look younger.


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