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Teeth Whitening Scam in the UK

The news story below emphasizes why you should use a qualified dental prefessional for your teeth whitening. Contact us at Galloway Dental Associates and avoid damaging products such as the ones mentioned below. Investigators became suspicious when they first saw claims at the Royal Welsh Show. The family is thought to sell teeth whitening products that are unsafe and their claims sound suspicious.

The couple John, Jean and their son Matthew Hargreaves, made about £2.5 million by selling a lot of teeth whitening products that are not safe.

One of the victims received hospital treatment because of burns after using a teeth whitening product.

It has been found out that the products contain high levels of hydrogen peroxide. The family made a lot of false claims and testimonials about the teeth whitening products. They also did not tell the truth about which companies in Britain are actually selling the products that they are offering in fairs.

The court ordered the family to pay back £1.6 million of what they have earned.

The investigation started last July 2013 at Builth Wells at the Royal Welsh Show.

Lee Reynolds, the prosecutor, told the attendees and the court officers about the family’s suspicious claims.

He said that “These suspicious claims were unfounded and all the companies that sell these products were formally dissolved several years back”.

“There was a test purchase made to the family, and a clinical test discovered that the hydrogen peroxide is 110x stronger in the teeth whitening products that what is recommended to the consumers. There are also claims that are unsubstantiated written in the banner that the family uses during events.

During the arrest, it has been found out the family was illegally trading in 150 areas in the UK. They did it through online and it was ongoing for about 10 years. This is a report made by the Daily Post.

It has been found out that the family sold the products under 20 fake company names without paying any taxes. These companies served as smokescreens to prevent any detection.

About 30 patients were identified and one of them has been prescribed by morphine. The morphine served as pain reliever since patients experience a lot of pain during hospitalization.

The prosecutor, Powys Council prosecuted the Hargreaves family in 2016. They were from Knutsford Cheshire.

The 2 men will serve 18 months in jail while Jean Hargreaves will serve six months.

An inquiry launched by financial investigators determines the amount of money made by the family and the hearing is at Caernarfon Crown Court.

Judge Philip Jenkins told John Hargreaves that he needs to pay £1 million in three months or he will have a jail time of 7 years.

Currently, John Hargreaves owns 7 properties and 6 of them will be sold.

His father, aged 71, and his mother, aged 72, will have to pay £519,940 and might be likely to sell their car which is a Range Rover.

The amount is set to be paid within 3 months or the son will serve five years in jail.

The Powys officer Clive Jones, which is a chief trading standards officer, said that they will not tolerate any unfair practices that affect consumers and traders.

With the cooperation of the General Dentist Council, the investigation of Powys council came to a close after 3 years.

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